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Can I unmark files so they won't be changed?
Not yet. So far if you click on a filename and the row turns blue it doesn't mean anything. And the "X" you see in the left column is just for information purposes. You cannot uncheck it to leave the file unchanged.

Unmark files will be implemented in future versions. I plan to display a checkbox at the left side of the file name, so you can mark or unmark files.

So far you have these possibilities to rename only the files you want instead of ALL files in a directory. 

1) Change *.* to what you want. So "a*.*" would get only files which start with an "a".
2) Change to Expert Mode and define "No file contains". Separate different choices by "|". So "exe|gif" would filter out files with "exe" and files with "gif".
3) Drag and drop files on 1-4a Rename. This has the disadvantage, that you may rename them only once. This behaviour will change in future versions.
4) Move selected files to a different folder from outside of 1-4a Rename, rename in that folder, move them back. 

A frequent wish is to be able to change only one file by right-clicking it. I will think about that.

Another wish is to be able to shift the files around (=sort them individually), i.e. move files to the top etc to renumber them afterwards in the correct order. This is not possible from within 1-4a Rename now, but you can do it this way:

1) Open the folder in your windows explorer and change the "View" to anything but "List" and "Details".
2) Shift the files around as you like.
3) Select all and drag'n drop them onto 1-4a Rename. They will be dropped in your personal order.

In the screencapture above the file "990730.jpg" (which is originally AFTER "990518.jpg") is moved BEFORE "990328.jpg".


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