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1-4a rename
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Can I insert the file's internal data into it's name?
Not yet. Examples of what could be meant by "internal data" are
.mp3 mp3 tags like title, year etc
.ttf the name of the .ttf true type font
.exe the copyright holder of an .exe program
.jpg the picture's height/width (who needs that?).
.jpg the date when a picture was was shot with an digital camera. ACDsee can insert the picture's internal date already.
.htm the <title> tag
any the files content, like the first 10 bytes or the second 10 bytes.
However, it is not planned to actually CHANGE any of the above tags/infos. So if you want to batch change True Type Fonts' internal names, you will have to use other programs.

There are a lot of programs which can change internal mp3 tags, so I suppose nobody needs MY 1-4a Rename for it.

However I plan to integrate the possibility to READ mp3 tags and insert them into the filename.


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