1-4a Rename. The best batch file renamer around

1-4a rename
Excellent freeware file renamer for large file numbers.
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Can I insert the current folder's name or the full path into the filename?
Right-click the insert field.


How can I rename files in subfolders?
For some mystical reason, this question is asked more often than one would expect. Of course you can rename files recursively:

First, change to Expert Mode (F2).

Check "Subdir levels" and set them to what you want.

So "0" would rename files in the current folder only.

"1" would rename files in the current folder and the current folder's folders, but not deeper than that.

"3" would rename 3 levels deep, and "255" would rename 255 levels deep, so in ALL of the subfolders.

You can not, however, select specific subfolders.


How can I rename folders?
You can't yet. Planned for future versions.


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