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1-4a rename
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Is there a way to make my choices persistent from one session to another?
This seems to be the most frequent wish. So I will implement "Save settings" it in future versions.

This could include

checked and unchecked checkboxes
window position and size/maximized
last used directory (or maybe last 10 directories). You can however have 1-4a Rename start up in a directory you want already. Please read: How to setup Start Up Options
font settings
content of input fields
reset to default settings a) after a new start or b) after a renaming or c) after switching to/from expert mode or d) after pressing a "default button"

1-4a Rename should also be able to save templates ("Save the current setting as..."). So a lot of settings could be saved and you just load the template that you need for a specific renaming, if none is spedified then your own default setting would be loaded.

I don't plan to save settings in the registry. I hate it when programs do that ($#%*&#[email protected]*). It will be an *.ini file, a simple textfile.

Please also read about saving macros.


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