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How can I rename files with the help of a list?
1) Create a Textfile in the following format:

"Existing filename without path"<space>New filename


"letter.doc" My letter to Grandma.doc
"1-Track 28.mp3" Madonna - Ray of light.mp3
happyb.txt Happy Birthday Lyrics.txt

As you can see above this is a) pretty easy, b) you don't use any path info like "c:\" and c) you can do without quotation marks " " if the filename itself contains no spaces.

If you have any excel file then export it to the text format as above described. You can use Excel's CONCATENATE function to merge content of different cells into one. =CONCATENATE(A1,"-",B1,".mp3 ",C1,".mp3"). Then mark all the newly created fields in Excel and paste them into the textfile.

Please make sure that the separator between the existing filename and new filename is a <space> not a <tab> or anything else.

2) Name the textfile " descript.ion" and save it into the folder where the files are. Please make sure that the file extension is ".ion" not ".txt" or anything else.
3) Change to expert mode (F2) and check "descript.ion"
4) Check "Replace" and make the "Replace This" field empty and type in "<4>" to the "Replace by" field. This way the whole filename will be replaced.

This solution is not perfect, but I will extend the possibilities in future versions.


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