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Why does 1-4a Rename insert # automatically in my song names?
The usual way to separate artist from title is by "-" or by " - ". What stupid idea, since "-" could be part of the artist's name or of the song's title. Thus the option "Typical song standards" changes " - " to "#". Just turn this option off, if you don't like this. Change to expert mode (F2) and uncheck Typical song standards.

Just think of Jean-Michel Jarre, Deee-lite, Jay-Z, A-ha, Olivia Newton-John, T-Rex and countless others.

And just a few famous titles:
Hyper-ballad (by Bjoerk),
Kiss lonely good-bye, He's misstra know-it-all, Part-time lover, Yester-me, yester-you, yesterday (all four by Stevie Wonder),
Re-rewind (by Artful dodger),
Pizzicato-Polka (by Johann Strauss),
Heart-shaped-box (Nirvana),
Space-a-nova (by Quincy Jones),
When I'm sixty-four (Beatles),
just to name a few famous

And countless songs that include something like "Remix by..." and then followed by an artist with a dash (E-Smoove, E-lite, D-Bop...) or songs/comments that include Sci-Fi, Hi-Fi, Rendez-vous, Good-bye and names like X-Files, X-men and so on.

Dashes are such a vital part of language that every domain name can contain dashes.

However, in the next version maybe you will be able to customize it. Please note, that I have uploaded recently a version with the same version number (1.56) that has this checkbox unchecked by default. So if you have downloaded 1-4a Rename somewhere else or not recently, then please download it again from this site.


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