1-4a rename

Excellent freeware file renamer for large file numbers.
One For All


History of fixed bugs

Fixed in version 1.56.00
-Bug If a file had an illegal filedate the program hanged. An illegal filedate is now set to 30th Dec 1899.
-Bug Replacing the "last occurence" hanged the program.

Fixed in version 1.55.00
-Bug If a file had not the archiv bit set, it was not included in the list.
-Bug If a folder had attributes set like "system", "hidden" etc. it was included in the file list, thus renamed.
-Bug If you wanted to replace something and set "Replace from Xth occurence on" then some replacements could get missed.
-Bug Strange but true: Sometimes there ARE same file names within 1 subdir. For example after editing with a disk editor. 1-4a Rename marked them with a 'D' though not necessary.
-Bug If you started 1-4a Rename with an unknown option or a non existing directory, the display could be messed up.
-Bug When working with File restrictions for other Operating Systems the Start button could be enabled, though 0 files were to be renamed. However pressing the start button didn't do any harm. 
-Bug If you changed the number of the occurence of the name-extension separator, it wasn't updated immediately.
-Bug Panel positions could be messed up.

Fixed in version 1.4.00
-Bug 1-4a rename reported an error if the name-extension separator was erased. The same applied to some other input fields.

Fixed in version 1.3.00
-Bug Prog hanged if the Swap/add separator was not defined.
-Bug Minus values for Position of name/extension didn't work.
-Bug Defining many Name-extention separators didn't work properly.


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