1-4a Rename. Superb file renamer to rename files at once.

Rename files at once. One of the most powerful renamers. And it's freeware.

Negative comments from others...

Is there THE typical negative comment email?
Yes: Unspecified problems without any return email address given.
From my experience most negative comments (when I CAN contact the sender) vanish into thin air.

How am I supposed to answer that, if there's no reply email address given and no example of what's so bad?


  "Piss on you"
Again, no reply address given, no example.


  "I must email you. Blow me. I must not do anything someone says I have to. Fuck off cocksucker"
Wohoo! I guess since this guy wants to be blown "cocksucker" is not an invective. The given address [email protected]*m is obviously wrong.


  "Just installed 1 4 rename. Don't understand it at all. My plan was to change MP3 into Midi."
Convert mp3 into midi? With a file renamer?


  "I hate this tool, too many clicks for renameing. Directory Opus can do the same with 3 click. Shame on you...
Better first think, then write a programm...."
Well, I disagree. Here is a screenshot of the rename window of Directory Opus. It's hard to compare the both programs.


  "Your are so genieusssssssssssssssssssssssssss, wwwwwwwwwwwooooooooowwwwwwww you know a lot of, you are a peace of shit, your are nothing, I solved my problem. Stupid."
This a strange email, because in the first email I was asked: 

"My CD Writter got frozen WHEN I burn a cd, software too, but, some pc i intalled the easy cd creator it burn good, it does not frozen, that`s the prog that i use always, why?, what can i do?"

So I wrote back:
"I don't know. I have nothing to do with CD Burners."

Then I received the above answer.


  "Get rid of this 'must email' stuff is my suggestion."
Maybe I make it less harsh.


  "I'd like you to know that good, important & useful software should be FREE, and it's unacceptable to be forced to send you an email for using your programs. You just wait, sooner or later a crack will be released that sends you an email so the user doesn't have to :P"
Well well, a cracker's mind. Waste your time, hehe, and send me the "cracked" version. Because there's nothing to crack!! Again, no reply address given.


  "A nice tool, powerful, many features and easy to use. The only disadvantage is that the look and feel is different from the Microsoft Windows world. But it is free so we will use it."
It's not totally different but a little. I made this on purpose. I want to see ALL functions at a glance. Without submenus.


  "the first time you start the program could be a little confusing, but later it is a superb tool"
I agree, that's why I invented the Basic Mode.


Who forces you? Instead of paying me something just write me an eMail. On the email page you can even write me an eMail without telling your email address. I think this is pretty fair.
  "I'm just trying out your program which stated to be good on the site, but it's trying to connect to the internet, and there's no help in the program anywhere? Is this some kind of new scam system ?"
You can turn Online Checking off (see FAQ/Examples). You're right about the help files though. So far I didn't find time to make them, besides my program features pop-up hints and I think it's quite intuitive.


What doesn't work right? Again, no reply address given, no example.


  "good program little complicated"
Maybe true, but the more you get used to it, the easier it will be.


  "Giving it a try. Doesn't seem to be very intuitive yet."
It seems that beginners have the most problems. That's why I made the Basic Mode.


  "Like your program a lot, 'e-mail me' bugs a little too much. Directory navigation window is too small."
Directory navigation is bigger in Basic Mode. I will think about the bugging of "email me".


  "you suck"


  "Yep, great program. A bit strange looking though. I'd like it more like a windows program - with menus, and without those strange background colors, but it's a matter of taste. The program is very useful."
I agree, matter of taste. Microsoft designs their programs for the beginner, I for the more advanced user. That means, if you're a little bit advanced, you'll get along faster with my program. So some users like the outlook, some don't.


  "Uh, so far so mediocre"
No reply address given, so I don't know what this refers to. Maybe this user saw only the Basic Mode and forgot to switch to Expert Mode.


  "Ihave problems"
We all have problems. (Again: No examples in the email, no return address given)


  "good stuff... but i would suggest a better interface. maybe something more intuitive. now, its too cluttered."
(See my other comments regarding this topic)


  "It's a great program, but is a little confusing, and rather antiquated GUI"
(See my other comments regarding this topic)


  "Very nice program. A little hard to understand at first, but after you do.. works great. :)."
(See my other comments regarding this topic)


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