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Excellent freeware file renamer for large file numbers.
One For All



New in version 1.56.0
+New Made things faster a bit here and there.
+New Added a minimizer button for panels (only visible in expert mode. Top right corner of some panels). So you can make the big panels smaller without changing to basic mode.
+New The columns of the grid are movable now. So you can place them in the sequence you like.
+New Clicking right button when above some insert fields opens a context menu for insert functions.
*Change The exe is not compressed anymore. Some users had complaints.


New in version 1.55.0
+New Made things faster (noticeable with a huge number of files).
+New Needs less memory (noticeable with a huge number of files).
+New The executable rename.exe is compressed now (upx.tsx.org) (uncompresses automatically in memory whenever you start it), so the file is smaller (fits better onto a diskette).
+New Hints (the yellow help boxes when your mouse points over something) are displayed for a longer time now.
+New New replace function Trim. This deletes spaces to the left and to the right of the replaced letters. So Replace "at" by "@" in "Masters at work" would result in "[email protected]" instead of "Masters @ work"
+New Insert functions which insert letters (like <n>, <e>, <p>, <i>, <4>...) will insert uppercase letters now, if typed <nu>, <eu>, <iu>, <4u> etc

Lowercase is <nl>, <el>, <il>, <4l> etc

+New Insert functions <n>, <e>, <4>, <i> now also work with negative numbers, meaning that you can insert the xxx LAST letters of a file's name, extension, separator, 4DOS description. Thus <n-1> would insert the last letter, <n-2> second to the last, <n-3--1> the last three letters, <n-1--3> the last three letters, but in reversed order, <n3--2> letters from the third letter on to the letter before the last one. See examples.
+New Added a few more Destruct filename to 64 chars automaticities, so filenames can get even shorter.
+New Shorten filename to 64 letters now also works for filenames SHORTER than 64 letters. So you can use this function to shorten filenames depending upon your settings in the menu Filename restrictions in other Operating Systems. If you set Maximum file length to, say, 20 letters you can use Shorten filename now.
I added 2 new functions for shortening file names larger than 64 letters: Kill vowels and No doubles.

Kill vowels is quite destructive, it will erase all 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u' leaving you with just the consonants. The function No doubles will erase every double letter, so 'Mandy Moore' would become 'Mandy More'.

+New Sort by length of name-extension separator.
When is this important? Sometimes you have files with different numbering systems. "file01.jpg", "file02.jpg", "file03.jpg" on the one hand, and "file00001.jpg", "file00002.jpg", "file00003.jpg" on the other. With this new sort function you can sort them independentely. See examples
+New Sort by length of extension.
+New Sort by length of filename (name+extension).
+New The Start button is red now, so you can see it better, especially when the panels are moved moved because of resizing of the window.
*Change Now "d" sorts by date, not by date&time anymore. So if you want to sort by date&time, use "dt"


New in version 1.43.0
+New It is possible to Browse the Network now. Just double click the blue file panel. I know this is not an optimal solution, but it is better than not having this option at all. I will enhance it later.
+New Start button displays now how many letters will be deleted through the functions Destruct to 64 chars, Shorten to 64 chars, NoSpaceBetweenLetters
+New Added more Destruct filename to 64 chars automaticities, like "does not" will become "doesn't",  "12 years old" becomes "12yro".
+New Easy Move. Drag the window by clicking on any free area of the window instead by clicking on the title bar. Double click on any free area and the window maximizes.
+New & (number justification) works with file length now. So inserting "<l&>" will insert a justified file length.
+New You can insert numbers and format them as IP addresses, so instead of "1" it would be "". You may insert it as hex values, decimal values, octal values etc. Just check as IP and there you go. Works with inserting functions, too. So instead of the file size <s> the file size AS IP ADRESS is inserted. Cool.
+New If you don't like 1-4a Rename checking for updates online then turn it off by starting 1-4a Rename with /noc (no online check).


New in version 1.4.0
+New Stardate from STAR TREK can be inserted. See examples. What is stardate? Click here.

+New When renumbering: Setting number of Leading zeros to "0" will set it to the original length of the number, so "pic034.jpg" would become "pic001.jpg" for example.
+New Added 3 progressbars for: Scanning subdirs, Renaming, Undoing
+New Delayed typing. Rename calculates new preview not instantly, but delayed by about 1/3 second. Thus you can type more fluently with less interruptions. 
+New 1-4a rename checks automatically for new versions and tells it in the title bar.


New in version 1.3.0
+New Mathematical Renumber. Can add a value to an existing number. Did I say add? Not only. Multiply, subtract, power.
+New Per default 1-4a rename starts in Basic mode with reduced functionality. You may switch to Expert mode with F2 and switch back by pressing F2 again. New users had problems with the overwhelming amounts of functions. Also in Basic mode, the directory tree is bigger, so it's easier to browse.
+New Check for naming compatibility in other file systems (DOS 8.3 uppercase, ISO 9660 etc). Now you can check whether your files will be accessible in other operating systems like DOS.
+New Progressbar has gradient colors now. 
+New 1-4a rename adapts more smoothly to the actual window size. This is better for smaller screen sizes, like 800x600
+New Insert function <t> (time)
+New Insert function <c> (special characters)
+New Sort by reversed name
+New Sort by reversed extension
+New Sort by first number in name
+New Sort by first number in extension
*Change Now you don't differentiate name-extension separators by ">", but by "|". The same applies to the "Excluding Files" filter.


Version 1.00.0
First release

Note about version numbering X.yy.zz

Whenever I implement a feature yy is increased by 1. So version 1.45 would become 1.46. If this feature is a big one then it would increase by 2 or more. Thus you can tell roughly how many things have changed from version to version. 

zz is always 0 except for the case where I would have to bugfix something without adding any new feature. So version 1.45.0 would become 1.45.2 if I fixed two things.

I don't believe in beta versions (isn't every program a beta version?) I test my versions and I don't publish any program which is likely to contain bugs.

If you want to link to 1-4a on your page then you can link directly to a grafic which shows the current file version. Please read this.

Click here for fixed bugs

Functions not (yet) implemented

Don't rename, but create

Maybe I will implement it: Create 100 zero-bytes files all named file001.txt, file002.txt... Or create folder1, folder2, folder3. Could be useful sometimes.


So far I never needed it. Thus there's only a rudimentary drag'n'drop. It's working, but you can rename only once. But maybe I will extend it. Please read this.

Multibyte character sets

Never dealt with russian or chinese character sets. But maybe I will program it if it's not too hard.

1-4a rename in explorer's context menu

Please read this.

Batch change attributes

I use Windows Commander to manage all my files. Windows Commader can batch change attributes, so I never needed it in my prog. But maybe I will implement it. Please read this.

Save current rename procedure as a macro

You rename several filenames and want to rename future files exactly the same way again.

Definitely a cute thing, but I consider it dangerous. So far every of my renamings was unique and I double check the results every time. You could incidently harm loads of filenames with automatic renamings. Please read this.

Insert mp3's ID tag fields, jpg height/width etc.

I will implement these features, but it may take a while. I plan, that it will work with information files, so you may add new tag infos as new file types come up.

So far I never needed to have a GIF's height in its filename.
And I never had to insert the internal name of a truetype file ("times.ttf" => "Times New Roman - Regular.ttf").
And I never had to insert the files content into its filename.

Right now, if you want a renamer for this go to multimania.com/hervet or to go.to/lupas2000. If you want to change Macintosh files go to peccatte.karefil.com...

However, read this.

Shorten name to 8 characters and extension to 3

Who needs that? If some of you want that then I will implement it. So far there's a work around. See examples.

Make .bat file, so you can start the renaming from DOS

Who needs that? If some of you want that I will implement it.

Rename subdirectories/folders

So far I never needed it, but maybe I will implement it in the future. Please read this.


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