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1-4a Rename. The best batch file renamer around

1-4a Rename. Superb file renamer to rename files at once.

Rename files at once. One of the most powerful renamers. And it's freeware.
One For All

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"Great Program - really useful."

"This is excellent, I have been spending hours renaming files from my digital camera, which re-uses the same filenames, and makes arranging them in folders a nightmare."

"hi, 1-4a rename is great! I have to catalog pics taken with a digi-cam and rename them like this: P000, P030, P060 and so on. I first tried multir*n, but that programm can't do that. I finally found your prog and I'm very satisfied with it...It is highly functional and has a very nice gui"

"Very good"

"Very nice software. Just what I was looking for. Thanks for providing if free."

"Excellent! well done for writing a nice app."

"I'm glad I downloaded it, it is just what I was looking for......thanks and greetings from Belgium :-))"

"Excellent program. Thank you for all the hard work."

"This is just a damn handy program for people with large collections. I have a bunch of *.mpeg, *.jpeg, and mp3's and renaming them en masse is a 200% easier. Thanks for a great program."

"excellent program"

"This software can be very useful if I have to save many files from Internet and that I will save them with the same name."

"Nice program!"

"Hi! i really like u r renameit! Its great!!! and it is really fast!. I have recommended this software to atleast 150 guys by now. Thanx a lot you're going great guns!!"

"This is an excellent little program! I needed to rename masses of MP3s I had, and it helped me organize them quickly. Great job!"

"so far so good - It looks like a grade a program and highly responsive."

"Very nice program....just what I needed ;)"

"Great program!"

"Started working and I must say looks great! Good Job"

"Like your program a lot"

"I love your proggy :-))"

"An OUTSTANDING bit of software..5 stars"

"I have really enjoyed using this utility. Great job. Thanks for keeping it free."

"Seems to be what I needed!"

"Well drat --- something that works! Wowses! Thank you. I'm sitting here with a box full of *.sql files to rename, in groups, or clusters, or mobs -- and you went and helped me a bunch. First pass, no apologies, no regrets, no sad songs, all okay. Thank you."

"real cool programm!!!"

"I have only had your program about 5 minutes and it does exactly the little bit that I wanted to do with photo files. I have got a digital camera and it writes 'IMG_' before every file number that it creates which is a lot of wasted space. Now with your excellent program I can replace the IMG part of the filename with a more meaningful string. THANKS A MILLION for an excellent program."


"Hi...Your software is really fabulous. For a freeware, it pulls no punches. ;) Now I can rename files en masse and not worry about errors...Thanks once again"

"Cool app only wish i could find more like it out there...Keep up the great work and thank you again."

"I think is excelent, great and wonderfull. Congratulation."

"I have just used this program for the first time ever. In the span of 5 minutes this program saved me from trying to edit the names of about 100 files. It would have taken me about 1 hour, with no less than 500 typing goofs on my part, since I cannot type for sh!t!! I predict that this superior product will get much use - even in non-expert mode!"

"Great program, love it! It really helps staying organized with those many filenames ... And even the price is great! :-)"

"It's working just great."

"Good work !!!!!!!!!!"

"Your program is REALLY powerful"

"cool program"

"Just wanted to say your file rename program is awesome! It saved me a load of time. Thanks for creating something so useful."

"Great application!"

"this will save me hours maybe days"

"1-4a Rename is the best of its kind I have ever used!"

"Looks good"

"Is realy god, fantastic, tanks"

"Cool program!!! Saves me time like you can't believe (well... maybe you can...) Congrats."

"Simply great!!!"

"Just great !!! Thanks for this very usefull and powerfull tool."

"This is a NICE program! It does even more than I thought. Absolutely the best rename program I´ve seen!"

"I love it it made my life so easy becasue of a file naming problem in a home work project i made 789 whong files it fixed the test data names and i fixed the program."

"Very Good!!! :-)"

"Just what I wanted :>"

"Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's great"

"Super Tool!!"

"RN is great. Thank you for the gift."

"I like it!"

"Nice program"

"I love this software very much."

"This is a great program! I have been looking for something like this for quite some time. I thought about writing my own but now I don't have to! Thanks."

"I want to say thanks for putting such a great program out on the web for free!!"

"Good program ! Keep on the work !"

"Very nice job. You've developed one of the best filename editors I've seen yet... and for free!"

"Nice program, my compliments"

"Great Stuff!!!"

"Great app nice look at feel - better than any I've seen - most are amateur - this is a professional effort"

"Thank you for writing a useful program"

"wow, it really works."

"This looks like the best of the renamers."

"Nice tool, powerful, many features and easy to use."

"I just had two of my junior developers walk into my office looking totally baffled. They explained that the new website they had been working had been sent over to the hosting group and almost all of the linkage (<img>, <a href> and the like) were not working. I looked at their code for all of about thirty seconds and discovered their problem. The test box was an NT/IIS machine and the hosting group was using Linux. Their code was written well (all lowercase) but the files were all mixed case. I remembered a friend of mine told me about your software, I asked the developers to step outside of my office for a few minutes. I downloaded your software and adjusted the case on 372 image files, 219 html files and 97 pdf files in about 3 minutes and then told the guys everything was fixed and that they could get back to working on the project. They walked out of my office totally confused. They came back an hour later and said 'Linux is case sensitive?!?' Those boys learned something today. Thank you."

"Good program, Congratulations"

"Great utility"

"Super software"

"Love it! (once I figure out how to use everything)"

"Really Great Utility"

"A very useful and capable program"

"Great program. Thanks!"

"Cool prog. very good work"

"I feel, is a cool program, for people who manages lots of files. Thanks"

"This program is perfect for Me!!!"

"I just used your program for one day.. and I did the work I normally did in one week ! It's simply the best in it's range !"

"Great program! Keep up the good work!"

"This is exactly what I was looking for ! It's really very good !!! Thanks a lot. You're doing a good job."

"Love the program. It has been a big help. Unlike other programs, this one lets you combine a change in the name and extension. I needed to change many files names and take out the extension. THis was the only program that could do it"

"I received your Rename program from a friend. This is a great program and use it a lot. I have thousands of files in different file name format. This is very handy for removing files named in 'all caps' and standardizing the format. I am sure I will use it more once I figure out everything that it will do."

"This is an excellent Utility. Keep up the good work. Thanks for releasing it as freeware."

"A Great program!!! I have spent hours upon hours either manually renaming files or exporting directory listings to Excel and creating batch files. Your program is wonderful!"

"i think ur software is great... really easy to use!! thanks!"

"I like it a lot...Thanks again for an easy to use, fast and very useful program...It doesn't hurt that it is free either."

"Good program. Does what it says. Thank you!"

"I was able to search and replace portions of 100's of objects that were in a folder containing about 8,000 obects. A great program."

"easy to use. very good"

"your program is very cool!!!!"

"Thank you for your programme. I am as pleased as pie to have found something like this. I am digitizing books so I need to rename and number files for OCR reading."

"Very nice!"

"Excelent program!"

"This program rocks! I love it, it is so useful! It takes a little getting used to, but once you get the concept, you get a good sense of the power that this app really has."

"Very nice!"


"I love this program."

"I like the features and options available. The Expert features are great."


"Great program. Only had it for a few minutes, but looks like it's really going to come in handy. Thanks..."

"excelent and free!!!..what else do we want?!!!!"

"It's a very good program."

"works fine!"

"Awesome Program!"

"great program, does exactly what i wanted thanks"

"its great"


" it's great"


"Good stuff.. Just what i was looking for."

"it's an incredible program."

"Just what I needed, many thanks"

"Thanks for the wonderful program."

"A great tool !!!!!!!!"

"Its super! :))"

"Cool program. does what it says"

"You said to write. Now *that's* something I can afford!! Awesome program!! Saved me a ton of time, and fun to boot!"

"Amazing program! I've been searching for a while to find a nice batch renamer"

"I tried it (just once) and found it great...easy to use."

"Your prog is very cool"

"TOTTALLY AWESOME!!! I have been looking for the perfect batch renamer and I have FINALLY found it."

"As far as renaming of filename is concerned your utility is the best."

"Very good program."

"Terrific program. I've been doing some testing and it does exactly what I hoped it would with speed and ease. Way to go. Good job."

"I have tried several renamers, but I think yours is one of the very best I've ever had. There is NOTHING I can think of that would make this one any better! Great work, and thanks for the opportunity to say so..."

"Great program, saves a lot of work"

"it is a powerful utility and I'm very grateful it's free!"

"Thanks for the great app!"

"Great program, it is exactly what I need. How did you know?"

"Nice Job!"

"...will save me an enoughmour amount of time"

"Great software"

"This program was the best renamer, I have ever seen. I love it."

"All other renamers suck. 1.4a works"

"It looks impressive"

"Very cool GUI !!Keep up the work, I like it :)"

"This is the most amazing program that I have seen."

"Hey. I like it! Best program of it's type I've found."

"It's very easy and it's a great utility."

"A very nice program"

"All I can say is FANTASTIC!"

"Nice Program! Thanks!!"

"This is a nice programme, good job. Thanks!"

"great Prog ..."

"Great program...No need to read the whatever...You can just start to use it."

"Nice program"

"Really useful tool! Has saved me hours."

"a perfect tool man... ;)"

"Great program"

"Superb Interface and fuctionality!"

"I LOVE IT...."

"Excellent Prog, did exactly what I wanted to do instantly. Plus loads of extra features and it's all free!!!!!!"

"No complaints! Runs great."

"Good job"


"I like this program, really useful for organizing my large folders."

"thanx a lot :) it's wonderful!"

"Thanks alot, RENAME has saved hours of work time a week."

"Great because it's the best!!
Great because it's freeware (Emailware)!! Thanks for the program."

"It's good."

"This is the best ever utility for renaming anything"

"This is really cool"

"Congratulations on a brilliant program."

"Great Program & Free Too! Excellent."

"It works great"


"excellent program!"

"I had several hundred large files that needed to be renamed. The program is easy to use, works great and saved me a lot of time. Thanks!"

"Great programm, thanks man"

"I search the Net because i needed a rename program. Your prog. its great"

"I really like this program"

"Kewl Rename Proggy"

"Looks good so far. Thanks for makin it available"

"It's very good!!!!!!!! Congratulations."

"appreciate the software. Looks and works great."

"Easy to use and works great"

"Seems a fine tool"

"Handy prgram! I Like it!"

"Nice program"

"Cool program, just the one I needed!"

"Nice program with plenty of features"

"Looks great nice job done"

"Whoa - this is one great program! The instant preview is such an asset; it just flattens the learning curve and keeps you moving in high gear. I didn't know that file renaming was so easy! Thanks."

"A very good program, with a nice interface, too"

"really a usefull program"


"Tried renaming 101 files. It worked perfectly."

"Many thanks for the rename-program. It is very good"

"Cool program.. nice and clean"

"This is a great PROGRAM!"

"Great software"

"Hello, I use -for the first time- your Renamer. And it's the BEST ! Thank's !!!"

"Great program, really :) Congratulations for a job well done."

"Great functionality"

"Many thanks for this very good program"

"Cool program"


"It's really a wonderful easy tool"

"Wonderful software"

"quite good"

"Thx for your nice and usefull program"

"Please ignore all the negative comments you receive. Obviously a bunch of losers. Works perfectly! And thank you for making it FREE!"

"Great program! Thanx abunch"

"Very good"

"Just thought I'd say again, the program is great"

"Nice program, and of course you can't beat the price. Thanks for a great program."

"Very practicle your a genius !!!! Keep up the good-work !!!!"

"This is a very useful program, thank you so much."

"i like it"

"Nice job! Useful utility."

"very nice!"

"Your renamer is great."

"Great piece o' prog ;-)"

"Nice program. Keep up the good work"

"Like the program a lot... saves a lot of dos time.

"Your program is very useful."

"I have spent many a night fantasizing about a program like 1-4a. It is such a simple concept, I knew it had to exist somewhere. Imagine the idiocy of not being able to add something to a file name, like ren name??.* name1??.*. Nutty. Now I can, and have crossed #14 off my life's to-find list."

"Great program with lots of possibilities !!"

"Thank you for your simple and very efficient program, that has saved me lot of time."

"Appears to be a solid program with a good interface"


"Enjoyed using the program."

"It's a great program"

"Awesome program. I love it!"

"a lot of functions"

"Nice program!!"

"Great software!!!"

"after just one rename I can see that this is a well featured an fast renamer. I like it a lot and I can see that this will be a very usefull tool for me."

"Now I'm trying this tiny program and after 5 minuts it looks very useful. Well done, keep on this good work."

"Really Love it....... Thnxs.... It saves me a lot of work..."

"Great interface"

"Very great tool! Fast and easy, congratulation!"

"I think 1.4aRename is a nice little handy tool. Y've done a great job with this. Thanks."

"seems to be a powerfull tool, even in the non-expert mode. Great work! Keep on going"

"good stuff"

"Very nice program."

"I really like your program it is good."

"This is a very nice utility."

"Really useful software. Thanks."

"awesome program - saved my life"


"Nice Prog"

"Awesome tool. You've just made my life a whole lot easier. Thanks."

"This is a great program! You have made my life alot easier. Thank you very much."

"the programm is perfect. stable, fast and intuitive. I also like the design, I don't like the windows shell at all and your prog is a nice change to all those boring looking progs...thanks for the prog, thanks for giving it as freeware!"

"Great program"

"just what i have been looking for"

"Congratulations for your program."

"Your renamer program is great, the best I've seem. Congratulations and thanks again."

"Hi, There - 'Rename' is certainly an excellent tool"

"Really great stuff!!!"


"Great program!"

"This is a superb utility...great job and thanx a bunch."

"So many options for this type of utility...Keep up the good work"

"Thank you for a great program."


"ok !!!"



"Thanks for making such a versatile renaming app!"

"I think the interface sets the standard and should be a normal part of any operating environment."

"Thank you for this very useful program"

"It's a good program."

"A good designed program to rename files in the server (I am developer of the page of the Department). With compliments"

"I like it"

"It's great"

"Just what I needed for renaming digital camera files and resulting thumbnails for web pages"

"Great work by the way"

"This is just the program I have been after for the past 2 years"

"Thanks for this powerful tool"

"Excellent program!"

"Nice program"

"Great ! Exactly what I was looking for. Eliminate imbedded spaces ...
PS: Used very little just to do that task!"

"Thanks a lot. Your program was very useful to us."

"Very good program!"

"Excellent program. Most impressive."

"Looks pretty decent to me! I also liked the GUI very much - it's beautiful!!"

"I have just downloaded your great program. It's exactly what I need."

"Excellent program, many powerful features"

"Its wonderfull :-)"

"works great:)"

"Very useful"


"Nice Utility"

"very interesting"

"The GUI seems reasonably friendly and well organized. The utilities/options very extensive and usefull. I'm sure UNIX users will be interested in similar application."

"I think it's great...worth of using it"

"Look very good... thanks!"

"I like your program."

"This is a great program."

"Nice utility, bravo"

"very useful"

"it's a very usefull program"

"Excellent program"

"Good program. I've seen a lot this day, searching for the one to use. I found it."

"a very usefull utility. Thanks..."

"Thanks. It's a very good program."

"Great program!!"

"I just downloaded your program and it is very beautiful. I particularly enjoy the analysis of Joliet...The sort feature is extremely fast: I tried it out on my whole hd, which has more than 3 Gig."

"looks cool"

"great software"

"Just what I have been looking for! Thanks for taking the time to make it!"

"Cool renaming utility. Very thorough."


"I think it is a beautiful thing...did what I needed it to do!"

"good software. very useful !"

"This is an excellent product. Keep up the good work."

"You program is very usefull. Thank you!"

"Exelente programa"

"Hallöle...dolles Progie, habe lange selbst versucht, mit DOS Befehlen und Batch Datei, die dinger umzubenennen. Aber mit deinem Tool ist es wesentlich einfacher....."

"Sehr gutes Programm."

"Das Programm ist wirklich gut"

"Bravo. Le logiciel a l'air super bien"

"super programe trčs utile. MERCI"

"Program works very either and is very useful, congratulations." [This was translated by babelfish, hehe]

"Muy bueno"


"El programa me parece bastante completo. Creo que tiene todo lo que se puede pedir a una utilidad de este tipo."

"he echado un vistazo general y parece estupendo; creo que satisfará mis necesidades en este campo; muchas gracias"


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