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I pressed "Start" but the names stayed the same.
Please check the following:
1) Was the Start button red when you pressed it? If it was grey then nothing could happen. Please also read: Why is the start button greyed out?
2) If you pressed the red start button and 1-4a Rename began to rename and then finished and you see the changed file names in the left column then the filenames HAVE been changed.

1-4a Rename re-reads the folder newly as if it was for the first time. The newly created list is NOT a internally calculated list. It is read directly from the hard drive. Thus it is impossible that the files snap back, except when you have a backup program running in the background that automatically unchanges folder contents.

3) You have to make sure, that no file in the file list is being used/is opened by another program while the renaming is being done. If you opened this file and are working on it then renaming is not possible.
4) As you may know, each file has 2 filenames. The first is the short DOS filename (8+3 = 8 character max for the fileNAME and 3 max for the fileEXTENSION) the second is the long one. Sometimes (I guess this is a Windows bug) renaming files from 8+3 to 8+3 just renames the short filename. Thus a workaround would be to append something like "@@@@@@@@" to the front of the filenames to make sure they are longer than 8 characters and then rename the way you want and then delete the @s.
5) You have to make sure, that appropriate security options are set. If the folder is read-only, then 1-4a Rename cannot change anything.
6) Did you press the Undo Button accidentally?
7) Did you forget to press the "Start Button"? Sometimes people think the preview is the result already.
8) Are the filenames too long? Windows has bad manners sometimes. It lets you rename a file to have 255+ characters but doesn't let you rename it back.

Microsoft's proposal for this issue:
Copy all files of you hard drive to another hard drive (except for this special file).
Format your hard drive.
Copy all files back.


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