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1-4a rename
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Why is the start button greyed out? I can't rename any file.
There are several reasons why you can't start to rename.

It is NOT because 1-4a would need a registration. 1-4a Rename is freeware, thus you can use it and give it to your friends for free. No registration needed. Please also read: How does this Renamer work?

There's nothing to rename. Start button is grey and shows "0" and there are no "X" to the left side of the file names.
You try to rename files to illegal filenames (these files have a "0" to their left).
You try to rename a file and there would be another file you try to rename to the same resulting filename (these files have a "!" to their left)
You turned off (in Expert mode) "Instant problems check" (Start button displays "Check //").
You turned off (in Expert mode) "Instant preview" (Start button displays "Refresh //"). You cannot rename blindly. This is to keep you from renaming files to a mess.
You clicked "OS" (in Expert mode) and lessened the name restrictions, e.g. you allow filenames containing a ":" or filenames as long as 9999 chars. 
7) Please use the latest version. There was a bug in earlier versions, that caused some files to be unrecognized.
The latest version is
Note 1: You can skip renaming problematic files (reasons 2 and 3) by checking "Don't rename problematic files" (Expert Mode only). So if there are other non problematic files then the start button would be enabled again.

Note 2: In cases 2 and 3 the Rename button can be grey even with a number higher than zero.

Note 3: A combination of the above can be shown.

Note 4: Please also read: how_does_this_work.htm


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